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Created by oem2youmalaysia on Dec, 10 2019 with 1 Members

OEM2You is a cosmetic research and manufacturing company providing excellent OEM and ODM services to our customers. Our portfolio includes products for head to toe care from nourishing hair care products to luxurious skin and body care products to everyday personal care products and toiletries.OEM2You is a cosmetic factory Malaysia which have cosmetics OEM products and cosmetics private label. It also a skincare factory Malaysia which have skincare OEM products and also skincare private label Malaysia. We are an OEM cosmetics Malaysia and OEM skincare Malaysia manufacturing company located in Ipoh, Perak. We have been established as one of the leading one-stop OEM manufacturer with a wide variety of color cosmetics, skincare, body and bath products, bar soap, and other industrial care product in Malaysia. We mainly provide personal care product in bulk quantity, according to customers? needs. We can help you in guiding your first steps towards creating your own product brand, quick and easy. We make sure that all of our OEM products are certified by Ministry of Health and JAKIM for Halal certification. Our factory also followed good manufacturing practice (GMP) guideline to ensure that all of our products are safe. We can also help you to obtain certifications from these agencies for your own cosmetics, skincare and household brand. Please click the link here

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Created by kilanghalal88 on Dec, 10 2019 with 1 Members

Sedang mencari kilang oem halal Malaysia untuk menghasilkan produk sendiri? Sama ada anda baru sahaja bermula di dalam perniagaan atau sudah lama, halal OEM makanan adalah amalan biasa bagi usahawan yang ingin menghasilkan produk jenama halal sendiri. Menghasilkan produk jenama sendiri pada peringkat awal adalah sangat mencabar. OEM merupakan sebuah kilang kosmetik OEM kilang halal yang mengeluarkan pelbagai formulasi kosmetik, penjagaan kulit dan untuk anda. Syarikat kami memiliki produk jenama minuman kesihatan sendiri dan jenama minuman kesihatan halal sendiri. Jenama sendiri produk OEM halal minuman ialah jus manjakani ,lobata fatimah dan collagen drinks , skincare. Formulasi kami diiktiraf oleh JAKIM sebagai berstatus 100% HALAL dan mengikut piawaian amalan perkilangan baik (GMP).Produk halal OEM kami meliputi produk makanan dan produk suppliment tambahan. Untuk maklumat lanjut,sila layari

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Online Cab Service Provider in Delhi
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Online Book Online Cab Service Provider in Delhi from the portal of Decibel Cabs because we are the best cab services company in India. The local or outstation cab booking is accepted by us anytime. You can avail the heavy discount on the booking of an outstation taxi in Delhi. Are you planning for the tour of Delhi to Lucknow or Delhi to Agra for an upcoming vacation? In the vacation, every person wants to spend the quality time with their partner and family and that’s why you should enjoy your rides with a great way while booking the outstation taxi in Delhi.

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Real Estate
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De Vilenca is een Neatherlands gebaseerd Company.Vilenca werkt in gedachten houden uniciteit andtrends op hetzelfde time.The producten zijn allemaal handgemaakt met een vleugje van de perfectie merk voortdurend werkt samen met internationale designers om een volledig onderscheidende wereldwijde uitstraling en - statement maken branding creëren .Om meer over The Vilenca login om te weten : Tel : 0294-252939